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  • What is Ultrapoint?

    Matt from Mustad explains the technology behind UltraPoint technology. The most advanced technologies come together to produce UltraPoint hooks. Mustad Fishing has an enduring reputation for legendary strength and consistency, and this is no coincidence. Mustad is the only fishing gear company in the world that owns and operates its own wire manufacturing facility, in continuous operation in Norway since 1832! Having production on our home ground makes it possible to control all ...

  • How is the "Grip Pin" used?

    Kevin VanDam explains how the Grip Pin Series holds your bait tight onto your hook and keeps your plastics intact!

  • How are Mustad hooks made?

    Our hooks are made with Swedish wire that is washed, treated, and pulled in Norway by our experts, just as they have been doing since we first started producing hooks (Check it out here). We pride ourselves in the quality of the wire we use and put care into the cleaning and treating of the material. This way we can be assured that our hooks are made with Scandinavian-quality wire like have since 1877. We then send the prepared wire to our Mustad factory in China to bend the hook into the des...

  • What is Mustad's Triple Grip technology?

    Matt from Mustad discusses the differences of Triple Grip in comparison to classic treble hooks.

  • What is Grip-Pin Technology?

    Matt from Mustad describes the advantages of our unique Grip-Pin technology designed by Mustad Pro Kevin VanDam.

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