Matt from Mustad explains the technology behind UltraPoint technology.

The most advanced technologies come together to produce UltraPoint hooks. Mustad Fishing has an enduring reputation for legendary strength and consistency, and this is no coincidence. Mustad is the only fishing gear company in the world that owns and operates its own wire manufacturing facility, in continuous operation in Norway since 1832! Having production on our home ground makes it possible to control all processes and produce the highest possible quality. Mustad is the only hook manufacturer controlling all phases of production from wire to finish. 

Making the sharpest point can mean leaving it dangerously weak, as the grinding and chemical sharpening process removes metal from the point of the hook. This can lead to the point rolling over when it comes into contact with gravel, over even losing sharpness when immersed for long periods. The UltraPoint three-stage grinding technology produces an incredibly sharp point, but because more of the metal remains, the point won't roll or lose sharpness.

UltraPoint is created using state-of-the-art, three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening technology which removes less metal from the point than traditional methods - without compromising sharpness. The point length is engineered to be the optimum ratio for maximum sharpness and strength. Ultrapoint hooks are 20% sharper and designed to stay sharper longer. 

The hook is put through a three-stage computer controlled tempering process - Nor Temper. This advanced heat treatment transforms the hook into a fine-grained, ultra strong micro-structure, increasing the strength up to 30% compared to conventional tempering methods. The result: The sharpest and strongest hook in the world.